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Hi there...

At Tree of Vida Acupuncture, we are dedicated to providing holistic eastern medicine for women at all stages of their lives.

From menstrual difficulties, infertility and pregnancy, to menopausal imbalances and most health needs in between.

We focus on your mind, body and emotions to find the underlying cause of your condition.

We tailor the treatment to you, the individual.

Tree of Vida Acupuncture Forster Womens Health Acupuncture Hallidays Point Acupuncture for Womens Health, Fertility, IVF Support Taree

Our method...

Our method integrates an in depth assessment of your medical history, relevant pathology reports and classical tongue and pulse diagnosis.

We create a customised treatment for you, using a range of Chinese medicinal therapies including Acupuncture, Moxa, Gua sha and Cupping. Herbal medicine combined with dietary and lifestyle advice may also be prescribed.

Customised treatment plans for...

Hormones | Menstrual Health

Fertility & IVF Support

Pregnancy & Labour Preparation


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